Friday, November 01, 2002

Apologies for the delayed post.
That reminds me.. why are'nt second class letters dearer to post than first class ?
Surely it costs more to remove the second class ones from the pile then to store them away for ages before letting them through the system.

When the post eventually does arrive it consists of 90% junk mail.
Do the senders think we never realise that we have NOT won £ 2 million and a round the world trip on a pogo stick ?
Not only do we waste our time opening this drivel but when the new waste removal charges come into effect we will have to pay to bin it.
Perhaps a better idea may be to redirect it to the sender.

Better still put it in another envelope with a note to say :-
"No thanks, I do not require a limited edition , gold plated replica of an arrow remover as used by king harold" and post it back with no stamp.

Any lawyers out there ? If we are to be charged for waste disposal by weight, can we weigh the junk mail and send a bill to the originators for its disposal ?
Until next time, like an old bottle of coke with no stopper , be flat.