Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Picked daughter up from the local railway station on saturday. The train was due in at 13-40 so left in time to arrive for 14-00, they always arrive late.
Forgot there was a football match on.Traffic was crawling along hindered by local revellers staggering out of the pubs.
The visiting team were the worst of the lot , they were standing in front of the traffic, waving their arms about all over the place.
Dodged a couple of them , just failed to knock one over, then when i stopped at a red traffic light three or four of them , big blokes, started running towards my car, all of them shouting and gesticulating.
Well that was it . I decided not to hang about. Shot through the red light and escaped. This really infuriated them, they chased me down the road in their ridiculous blue and fluorescent yellow strips. What team is that anyhow ?
Right load of nutters. One of them must have been a car spotter or something as he was writing my reg. number down on a bit of paper.
Picked up daughter and drove home a different way. Told her all about it. Also told her i saw another one of them on a horse.
Mentioned they had hats on.
She told me they weren't football supporters at all but hunt saboteurs.
Should have realised ,must be getting old she said.
Terrible whoever they were. I have a good mind to inform the police.
Stay flat.